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Why Law enforcement Agencies should use Cloud based solutions?

Storing mission critical data is the major concern of enterprises and organizations of any sector today. One of the hottest discussions these days is concerning cloud computing. Cloud computing is the term we all are well aware of. It provides flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness. It becomes the logical choice when it comes to security and privacy of your data.

Moving your data to the cloud is the secure way to store your data and prevent it from cyber-attacks.  

Many sectors like health, finance, Law enforcement have plenty of data that has to be kept safe.

Law enforcement departments incorporating cloud:

If we talk about law enforcement and emergency services, they are moving towards cloud computing solutions to improve communication, collaboration, security and record storage. Cloud computing is not new, yet the service providers have created advancement in its features to provide better storage. This system also comes with features that help against the cyber threat.

  • Less technical effort required:

Cloud computing provides the services to store data and run the application which is accessible from any web connected device. They don’t have to appoint many IT experts for data storage.

  • Reduce setup investment:

The Law enforcement organizations don’t have to invest in the setup additional infrastructures.

  • Employ rapidly:

The migration of software and the upgrades require immense effort. The Law enforcement organizations don’t have to worry about it, as cloud based services facilitate simplified software and infrastructure upgrades.

  • Integrate easily.

Cloud integration with existing infrastructure is a rather simple venture. Law enforcement agencies can employ cloud gateway appliances or cloud connect services to do so. Cloud service providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc. deliver easier and faster deployment models.

Why Use the Cloud for cyber-security in Law enforcement organizations?

The Law enforcement organizations face number of challenges in data protection. Cloud computing is the easier, secure and efficient way to store data. Here are some of the reasons why you should use cloud computing:  

  • Privacy:

This is probably the main concern of every business user. Regardless of the type of organization, you need data privacy. In the cloud data is secure and encrypted; it cannot be accessed without proper credentials as long as its protected using appropriate access management protocols.  

  • Accessibility:

Law enforcement agencies need access to the data within minutes and you have to keep records, cloud storage is the best way to access their data while maintaining data security and delivering easier and faster accessibility.   

  • Scalable

Cloud based solutions provide users with the ability to expand storage whenever they need to do so. With cloud based services, you can commission the resources that you need and only pay for them as you use them.

  • Durable and easy management:

Cloud based solutions facilitate simplified management of stored data by providing enterprise- level management tools and services. Cloud based services also provide additional durability. For instance, AWS delivers 11 9s (99.999999999%) of durability on their cloud based services.

  • Increased Security:

Cloud based solutions deliver encryption ensuring that the data is accessible to the authorized personnel only. Like StoneFly Cloud Connect to Microsoft Azure Storage, which further ensures that your data remains solely in the hands of the authorized personnel.

Cloud backup and storage hence ensures that Law enforcement organization get greater cyber security and the data is protected from all threats and viruses.

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