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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Disaster Recovery for the Enterprise

Getting your backups and replicas stored at an offsite located has never been easier. Veeam Cloud Connect for Enterprise provides cloud backup and replication services to internal customers like different departments and subsidiaries thorough IT Administrators, while maintaining visibility and control. Veeam Backups and replicas are sent from multiple offices to private cloud (Headquarters data center) or backup archives are sent directly to the public cloud which in this case is Microsoft Azure. Consumer is given full flexibility and control to choose the enterprise backup and recovery strategy according to their requirements. It is however necessary to mention here that replication to public cloud is not available.

Maintenance of the Data Sovereignty

For Cloud backup and disaster recovery Enterprises have been looking for solutions that offer High-speed, on-premises backup and disaster recovery, and low-cost storage. The biggest challenge for the enterprise here is data sovereignty because most enterprise customers have to face corporate governance requirements or regulatory compliance issues due to which they face restrictions on handing over control to the third party service provider.

Well, here is the solution; you can now maintain all the control and data sovereignty over your enterprise backup infrastructure with Veeam Cloud Connect for Enterprise which is very cost-effective and highly flexible. Storing remote office backups at HQ datacenter or in the public cloud without even having to rely on VPN has never been simpler. Furthermore, end to end encryption at source, in-way or at rest makes it easy for customer to verify the security and control of their data.

Choice of Backing Up to a Primary Data Center or Private Cloud

Businesses with offices at different physical locations require central management and data storage for each office. With Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise, they can send backups from ROBO deployment or multiple physical locations to the primary data center or public/private cloud in addition to keeping a local copy.

Microsoft Azure for Off-Site Enterprise Backups

Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise has made it simpler to get backups offsite to Microsoft Azure public cloud. Enterprise cloud backup repositories can quickly be provisioned using Microsoft Azure. It then automatically moves Veeam powered backup archives to Azure. Hence Microsoft Azure and Veeam together provide cost-effective storage and granular file level recovery.

Easy Deployment

A trial version of Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise can be provisioned directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace using a single server and time as low as thirty minutes.

Instantly copy offsite backup to Azure

With Veeam Cloud Connect’s latest architecture, you can now transfer enterprise backups to
Azure with advanced functions and capabilities.

Secure Cloud Backup to Azure

The 3-2-1 rule can easily be followed using Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise. It also provides cost effectiveness and control over your backups at different locations without the requirement of VPN connection.

Veeam has the ability to provide Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure which includes restoration of VMs, physical servers and endpoints. 

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