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StoneFly CDR365: The ideal Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for SMEs

Data loss is awful. Even little amounts of data is very important for an enterprise; for instance, consider the importance of an official email pertaining to sales. Now image, what would happen if this email was accidentally deleted and is beyond recoverability? Yes, that would be disastrous. To prevent this, even Small-to-mid sized Enterprises (SMEs) are investing in backup and disaster recovery solutions.

The question here is what kind of backup and disaster recovery solutions are being employed generally?

What kind of Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions are available in the market?

If I were to classify the backup and disaster recovery solutions available, I’d distribute them into three types:

  • On-premises.
  • Cloud based.
  • Hybrid.

On-premises solutions:  As the name suggests, these include backup appliances and local infrastructure. This also includes appliances that you keep in an offsite location for offsite backup.

Cloud based: These solutions include the usage of Microsoft Azure cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public and private cloud based services.

Hybrid: Hybrid solutions can be further classified into two types: one is a hybrid solution and the other is a hybrid cloud solution.

Hybrid solution means the use of on-premises infrastructure along with cloud based services like Azure or AWS. In this solution, the user can backup to AWS or Azure using cloud connect services or cloud gateway appliances.

Hybrid cloud solution is the kind of solution where the user mixes up private and public clouds together. For instance, you are using data backup to AWS and then you’re also using your private cloud to keep another copy of backup; for additional redundancy and recoverability. This mix is a hybrid cloud solution.

These are the available solutions in the market but I’d like to recommend a solution to SMEs specifically; to help them acquire a reliable yet cost effective backup and disaster recovery solution.

StoneFly CDR365 – Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

One thing that I want to mention before explaining it briefly is that this software also facilitates backup and disaster recovery locally. If you’re an SME with existing infrastructure, you can still use this solution for effective backup and disaster recovery.

If you are an SME that has realized the importance of your data and now you’re looking for a cost effective but reliable solution, then this is what I recommend to you. Why you ask?

First off, you don’t need to buy any infrastructure. That means, subtract the budget you had dedicated for expensive on-premises infrastructure. You don’t need it. Then you probably dedicated a budget for dynamic costs like maintenance or budget for resources responsible for management of the on-premises infrastructure. You can retrieve that budget too because that too, isn’t needed. Adding these two costs should add up to a nice big sum but that is not all, there’s more.

CDR365 enables you to backup to AWS or Azure or to many other public and private clouds. You can access the dedicated storage tiers for infrequently accessed data like Amazon S3-IA and Azure Cool Blob Storage. That means additional saving and reliable cloud backup.

The backup is one thing; CDR365 also delivers exceptional disaster recovery services as well. Block level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to the cloud, facilitating dissimilar hardware or virtual machine restores.

Basically, it’s one solution that addresses to all of your data protection requirements. That’s why I highly recommend to all SMEs.

In order to learn about the solution, you can contact us and get a free trial to get a taste of the innovative backup and disaster recovery solution.

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