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Monitoring and Reporting Functionalities for Veeam Cloud Connect

Unlike legacy backup solutions Veeam delivers availability for the Always On enterprise, providing RTO and RPO or what we call RTPO of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data.

Veeam Cloud Connect Monitoring functionality

Veeam One provides in-depth monitoring and reporting not only on the backup and replication infrastructure but also the entire virtual environment. There are three main components that make up Veeam One:

  1. Veeam One Monitor
  2. Veeam One Reporter
  3. Veeam One Business View

For service providers, it is imperative to have visibility into your infrastructure so that you can see what is going on within the environment that you are offering your clients. Veeam Cloud Connect monitoring capabilities via Veeam One are in every step of the way.

There are over 200 alarms built-in, including 4 specific predefined alarms for service providers;

  1. For example, there is a predefined alarm specifically to monitor the connection between the backup and Veeam replication to Azure cloud. This alarm is crucial because if the backup server lost the connection to the Gateway server your tenants won't be able to meet their SLAs and jobs will begin to fail.
  2. The cloud gateway version is out of date alarm that will notify you if your backup and replication server does not match with the cloud gateway version. 

If the backup and replication server and the cloud gateway server are running on different versions, this will hinder any and all communication between one another which will result in failed jobs and SLAs not being met.

  1. The cloud repository free space alarm will inform you and your team when a cloud repository has dropped below the configured threshold because of the increased number of VMs or VMs’ data.
  2. The fourth alarm designed for a service provider informs the user when a cloud repository lease time is about to expire.

It also provides automated reporting capabilities, so you can see trends on Cloud repository usage, over-provisioned cloud repositories, Veeam Cloud Connect replication provisioning, as well as reports that provide data about Veeam Cloud Connect users, their quota usage over the last period and it will even estimate the date when Cloud repositories will run out of available storage capacity.

Veeam Cloud Connect Reporting Functionality

Veeam One collects and stores information about historical usage so we can then leverage that data. One example of how we can leverage that data is in our Over-provisioned backup repositories report. 

This will give you visibility into your top five over and under provisioned backup repositories.

The report will even estimate when a repository will run out of space. The Veeam Cloud Connect replication provisioning report allows you as a service provider to determine your top five over and under provisioned hosts and clusters by CPU, memory and data store usage.

The Cloud Connect inventory report provides in-depth information about your Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. Anything from backup in proxy servers to WAN accelerators and cloud repositories.

The last report is our Veeam Cloud Connect user report. This report provides a general overview of users and repositories. It also provides more in-depth information about the number of users (active and inactive) as well as the number of repositories deployed with their corresponding quota usage.

In brief, Veeam one provides you with complete visibility into your Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure. 


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