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Microsoft Azure Cloud: Secure Data Storage for Law Enforcement Agencies

In order to effectively perform their duties, law enforcement agencies have to collect and store a lot of data. This data is collected using dashboard cameras, body worn cameras, and other similar means. This data imposes storage, privacy and data security requirements on the law enforcement departments. With Microsoft Azure storage law enforcement departments can address these requirements and stay compliant.  Azure Cloud storage facilitates data mobility and simplifies storage and accessibility. With the Azure cloud, the collected data can be easily stored and accessed from anywhere, anytime with the right access protocols and credentials. Let’s explore briefly, why exactly should law enforcement departments setup their storage in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Why should you use Azure for your cloud storage needs?

Law enforcement departments have high risk of cyber-attacks because they collect and store PII (Personally Identifiable Information) due to legal reasons. This data happens to be the primary target for hackers because it can be used for illegal purposes.

The Azure cloud provides a secure platform to store data in an offsite location Here are some of the benefits which are provided by the Azure cloud. These are the reasons why Azure cloud storage should be used, in context to law enforcement departments.

  1. Security:

One of the major concerns of law enforcement agencies is data security. As the collected data mostly comprises of PII, it is very important that this data is only accessibly to individuals with the proper protocols and no one else. With Microsoft Azure, the data is encrypted and safe from malicious and unauthorized access. Even if the data is somehow breached, let’s say during transit, and then the data remains inaccessible because it’s encrypted and can only be accessed via the relevant decryption key.


  1. Data backup:

Azure cloud storage incorporates data backup through which the copies of data can be created and kept in multiple offsite locations. In case of any disaster or downtime the data can be recovered at any time.

  1. Flexibility:

Azure cloud enables the law enforcement agencies to store their data in a flexible manner. Law enforcement departments have to keep the current and past records of each criminal; these records grow on a day by day basis. With Microsoft Azure storage law enforcement agencies can scale up their data storage and store and maintain more data as it increases in size.

  1. Control of Documents:

Azure delivers a single API (Application programming Interface) by which you can manage and control all your documents. With the Azure cloud, law enforcement agencies can manage all the criminal records from anywhere; they just have to access the central location containing the data, with proper authentication.

  1. Increased Collaboration:

Microsoft azure storage enables law enforcement officials to access the data of any criminal anywhere from any device.

  1. Disaster Recovery:

In the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure or cyber-attack, law enforcement agencies can use cloud disaster recovery to prevent downtime and continue providing their services.  

  1. Reduce Cost:

 Major benefit of cloud is the cost effectiveness. The services which are provided by cloud cut costs. The storage solutions are provided and require less money as compared to on-premises solutions.


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