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Issues of in- house data backup resolved with Cloud Backups

Data is born all around us evolving every day, every hour and every minute. We build our future on it. It's there and then it's gone. If only it were protected by the right data management solution, it would have the power to return anytime, anywhere.

What if I told you that your legacy infrastructure can be collapsed into one smart reliable and secure solution? One that takes data beyond backup; with StoneFly it's possible. StoneFly delivers a radically simple cloud data management platform. It provides you cloud based services for your data backup. These solutions are built for data protection and effective data management.

With a single web interface, you can use predictive search to find and recover entire virtual machines, applications or even a single file. Overcome disasters and rebuild your business with an efficient disaster recovery plan. This can be done by provisioning servers or replicating an entire system in minutes.

It is the true data management platform, which allows simple service from backup to archiving. Cloud data backup in the cloud is now the strategy which is acquired by many businesses. The cloud offers options for all kinds of enterprises, regardless of scale (SMB and Large Enterprises) or industry (finance, healthcare, etc.).

Issues with In-House Data Backup:

If you want to maintain purely in- house backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, then it will be costly and will require extensive management and resources. It burdens the IT department and transfers the attention from more important business challenges.

The backup and replication of data is never easy. There is an assumption that ‘one-size fits all’, that’s not the case for all. This leads to less efficient decisions.

Things to remember when replicating your data to cloud:

When you decide to Backup and replicate your data to the cloud, you have to keep a few things in mind:

  • Replication of backups and implementation of DRaaS is not easy. You cannot assume that one size fits all. You have to choose according to your data requirements  
  • If you are replicating large chunks of data to the cloud then you have to take decisions carefully. If you store large volumes of data in the cloud for long periods of time then it becomes expensive.
  • You have to adopt smart approaches, which reduce the backup footprints
  • You can use a hybrid cloud solution. With a hybrid cloud solution you can build a data protection strategy that is good for the business users.

After setting up efficient backup and disaster recovery services, you just have to set a policy and allow the system to do the rest. Even a minute of downtime can result to loss to entire company. So, it’s good to know that your data management platform is protected at the highest industry standard. Enter the cloud era with a solution that manages all your data everywhere. Cloud backup services provides you with best solutions. Through granular controls, only the people with the right access can act on data. The data is already encrypted to the cloud and is secure.

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