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Backing up Nutanix Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure enables enterprises to setup a reliable IT center with storage, compute and networking resources tightly packed in a box. Nutanix delivers a number of services to address enterprise storage requirements; however, Nutanix cannot ensure data recovery for the stored data. Therefore, setting up Nutanix on-premises infrastructure without reliable means to back it up is a recipe for disaster.

Commissioning Backup Appliances for Nutanix On-premises Infrastructure

Backup is important and data loss is disastrous. There are number of causes that result in data loss. Most reports indicate that, against popular belief, the major cause of data loss is hardware failure.

In order to ensure data recovery for important enterprise workloads organizations can opt to setup purpose-built backup appliances. With dedicated backup appliances, businesses can continue their operations without having to fear data loss. Depending on the vendor, the backup appliance should be able to deliver VM (Virtual Machine) – level backup using either manual backups or automated (scheduled) backups. With an on-premises backup appliance, the IT environment will not have to deal with latency. The on-premises backups will be a lot faster than the cloud backups.

A good example of a purpose-built backup is StoneFly’s DR365V™. The appliance comes with Veeam’s backup and replication software. Businesses can setup cost effective and reliable backups for their workloads using the appliance. The appliance supports Nutanix deployed on Hyper-V or VMware hypervisors. Another interesting feature of DR365V™ is that it delivers cloud connect to Microsoft Azure and to AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. If the business later on decided to integrate the cloud, then with this appliance they do not need to commission any additional hardware or services. They can use the very same solution and setup Microsoft Azure’s enterprise-level cloud.

The appliance also facilitates businesses that have deployed Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure in the cloud. You can create backups for your VMs on your on-premises appliance to ensure a faster data recovery.

StoneFly’s Veeam-ready DR365V™ appliance delivers RTPOs of less than 15 minutes for Nutanix infrastructures (both on-premises and in the cloud).

Closer look at StoneFly’s Enterprise-level Backup Appliance for Nutanix

StoneFly’s purpose-built backup and disaster recovery appliance comes with integrated hyper-converged Enterprise Veeam backup, replication and disaster recovery. The appliance supports both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi hypervisors.

The appliance also delivers enterprise level data services, some of them are as follows:


  • Full VM (Virtual Machine) Recovery
  • Instant VM Recovery
  • Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure or Amazon
  • Instant File-level Recovery
  • 1- click file and VM recovery portal
  • Delta-based snapshots.
  • Thin provisioning.
  • Deduplication.
  • Unlimited Scalability.
  • Support for Microsoft Azure page blob, Hot blob, cool blob, archive blob and AWS (S3, Glacier) and private cloud.
  • And more.


DR365V™ appliance can be setup in three configurations: single node, HA (High Availability) node, and scale-out appliance node. The appliance is also available in an HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Chassis.

You can learn more about the disaster recovery appliance, here: StoneFly DR365V™ - Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance.

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